Looking for the Perfect Homestay?
We at Andy's Homestay have traveled, lived, and studied abroad, so we understand what you are experiencing. Studying abroad is an exciting adventure, but adjusting to a new culture and finding a home can be stressful. We know that moving to another country is a major life decision, so we are here to make your transition that much easier. We do everything we can to accommodate your needs and find that perfect fit. 

​From the minute you sign up with Andy's Homestay, you are part of our international family. We will be in constant contact answering any questions you have about this cultural adventure you are about to embark upon. Once we have matched you with the perfect host family, we will send you a fun fact sheet to get to know your new family. When you land in America, your host family will meet you at the airport and take you to your new home. You will be given a welcome packet containing maps of the Santa Clarita Valley (SCV), bus routes and schedules, and local shops.

“Studying here at College of the Canyons has been really fun. I have made lots of friends, and my host made me feel very welcome.”
  ​-Yong , COC International Student
We make sure that your accommodation is clean, comfortable, safe, and near the college. All of our host families go though a screening process and interview, and their homes and neighborhoods have been approved.  You will have your own bedroom including a bed, bedding, closet, dresser, desk, chair, lamp, and a private or shared bathroom.

With Andy's Homestay, you won't be burdened with unforeseen costs. We offer one price with no hidden or surprise fees.  Our price includes a home near the college and bus line, two meals per day, airport pick up and drop off, a bus pass, and a season pass to our local theme park, Six Flags Magic Mountain. We will also help you set up an American bank account and create an account with one of the many convenient taxi service apps such as Uber or Lyft. At Andy's Homestay, the minimum homestay requirement is one semester. This is because we feel that a student's routine should not be disrupted by trying to move halfway through the term. Trying to find a new home and relocate mid semester creates stress and may cause a student's grades to suffer. 

“I love Katie and Andy as my teachers. I am excited to come to America and study at College of the Canyons.”
-Lisa, Grade 7
Our goal is to make your study abroad experience everything you hoped it would be. We offer honest, friendly support and advice to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Most importantly, we live here in Santa Clarita, so you will have round the clock assistance via email or phone call.
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We can't wait to meet you all!
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